ChristianFischer takes photos

Full reset


During the last four weeks I did something you could call “burning some money“: I sold my camera and all accesories and bought a new one to start from the scratch. Of course this way you lose money - so: why?

When I started using D-SLR cameras my first choice was the canon 450D - probably the most used beginner's D-SLR. Next was 700D and then it happened: A friend lent me his Nikon 4D. It was my first full frame camera and immediately I fell in love with the quality of the photos. But it was way too expensive.

Luckily enough a friend introduced the Nikon Df to me. The same camera sensor and additionally a concept I really liked at once. From the beginning of my photographers career I wanted to be in control of every single setting; I really like to be resposible for my success or failure.

So the Nikon Df with all its wheels and buttons definitely seemed to be the right choice. And: It could have been affordable, if I sold the old camera for a good price.

I was lucky and I think, the first result prove: It was the right choice.

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