ChristianFischer takes photos

Project 365


At the end of march in 2015 I decided to start a competition with myself: To take one picture every day.
The idea was to find out, what kind of pictures I want to take. I had to use the camera once each day and I hoped to evolve and grow. Furthermore I hoped to find out some topics I could like to work on in the future.
Some weeks later I made one more rule: “No photoshop!“

The first project that came from this challenge was “Couples“, which you can see here.

On this page you only can find some examples, all pictures can be seen in an album on flickr.

I never reached 356 pictures as since fall 2015 I wasn’t able to go out each day. I spent most of my time in the small theater “Scaramouche“ in my hometown to join the group of actors during their rehearsels for the play Antigone and take some pictures there.

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