ChristianFischer takes photos

11 Wochen: „Durch was durch“


“11 weeks“ is a photo challenge by Anette Göttlicher.

First week I failed, but in the second week our topic was “through something“:

This subway is talk of the town right now in my small hometown. Our local newspaper made a not so representative survey on facebook and found out: We fear this subway. (It’s decades ago that someting ”happened” here …) I hate polemic journalism like this - so the topic has a double meaning for me: We all have to go through this subway and I have to stand (in German we use “go through something“ also metaphorically for “to stand something“) this polemic newspaper.

Tech talk: I hung the EOS 700D under the tripod, just above the ground, ISO 100, f8.0, exposure 1 sec. I used a 50mm prime lens and a wide angle adapter. And, of course I used Adobe lightroom to correct shadows and light.

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