ChristianFischer takes photos

I gotta get back on the street


Let’s talk about streetphotography. Not an easy topic, not only because of the legal situation. If you ask somebody whether you might take a picture they won’t look the same way the looked before you asked. If you don’t ask …
Furthermore: Do want to hurt others privacy - and how much?
To learn more about these things I took an online-course.

The teacher showed us the way he solves this problem: Hiding in the crowd and stalking and then make a shoot without thinking about laws or privacy. He’s so proud of himself that he made some videos of his best hunts - so that we can see the bewildered face of his victims twice: On the picture and in the video.

So I spent some money on a course that showed me: Nope, that’s not my way of doing it. But of course this is an important insight, too.
So maybe I can take nice, worth-to-look-at pictures too, without recognizable faces. Maybe even someday pictures which tell the story of that special moment.
I’m working on that.

So this is the status quo - a few pix from the last weeks.

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